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Benefits and possibilities of BI Point.


Discover complex and multidimensional analyses in the cloud. Use your data to make conscious decisions and achieve your business goals.


Use your data to carry out analyses, advanced visualizations and to create interactive dashboards with the use of charts, maps and performance indicators.


Start analyzing your data on tablets and smartphones. Owing to the highest responsiveness of the application, you will have absolutely no problem previewing your analyses wherever you are.


Your data is stored and secured all the time. Backup copies are created to provide constant access to reports and analyses in order to ensure the highest work comfort for our customers.


Analyze your data in one place. Compare sales, marketing and social data, official statistics, market benchmarks and many more.

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Price List

BI Point Open
Access to analytical models Trade, Payments, Logistics
Possibility of uploading data from any system, including third party, with the use of extractor software

First User:

99 PLN + VAT Monthly

1 User
40 GB of space in the cloud

Subsequent User:

49 PLN + VAT Monthly

for each subsequent user

BI Point Manager
Trade, Logistics, Payments, Accounting, HR and Payroll. Possibility to analyze data from Comarch ERP Optima/Optima BR system.

Basic Package:

139 PLN + VAT Monthly

administrator account and 5 additional users
40 GB of space in the cloud

Subsequent customer of accounting office:

19 PLN + VAT Monthly

for each subsequent user

BI Point for ERP XT
Analytical module for customers using Comarch ERP XT service. It enables analyzing of data from invoices and a warehouse stored in the system.

9 PLN + VAT Monthly

for every user

Promotions - for BI Point Manager users:

99 PLN + VAT monthly

for BI Analysis users

3 months free of charge

for Manager Desktop users

1 month free of charge

when purchasing a package for the whole year in advance


Comarch BI Points means solutions fulfilling the needs of analytical market and providing comfort at everyday work by a relatively low cost. Already in 2012, over 64% companies from the market of Small and Medium Enterprises used the solutions of cloud service model. For big enterprises, the percentage amounted to 52%.


The great advantage of our solutions involves the high scalability and the low maintenance cost in comparison with traditional solutions. The forecast yearly average increase rate of services in the cloud in Poland till 2015 is 33% and is considerably higher than the average for the entire IT market amounting to 5%.


The main assumption of solutions in the cloud concerns the use of professional, modern and safe server rooms. This is one of the reasons why almost 75% Polish entrepreneurs admit that they are implementing solutions in the cloud or closely observing solutions available on the market.

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